Adama Traoré, The symbol of an illegitimate and mortal police violence

The Traoré family, it, is originally from Mali. The father of these siblings, Malian, arrived in France in 1960. He got French nationality in 1968. From 1975, he worked in “BTP”, having worked for a long time for the city council of Paris. He became father, according to these years, children born in three different mothers (let us add that there is not polygamy, since it is about successive lives). Alas, as Assa Traoré recalls him in its book «Letter in Adama», Mara-Siri Traoré developed, in the mid-nineties, a chronic, symptomatic tiredness of an unhealthy state, linked to its exhibition in the asbestos, in the other volatile substances, in the industrial tobacco, and on August 9th, 1999, he died. It is ten years old earlier that he had installed his family in Beaumont on Oise. To all these children of an earth of the Sun and omnipresent forms of life (is it necessary to explain that term of “wild” to speak about these forms of life which determine the Africain biotope is a problem?!) this North of Paris and of France is the guarantee of grey – of sky, but also the souls, buildings, State. For these children of this life Earth and of the Sun, France, it is «Good Morning Sadness», all the more so as with the inhabitants, these born Frenchmen, on whom aïeuls lived on this Earth of Africa, things had never taken place simply, and less and less according to the years, according to a poisoning of the social atmosphere by the virus of racism. Though they say, make, the more the time passed, of the eighties in today, and the less «nice people» were disposed to let through to them – everything or anything: were young people united to speak? They were gathered in band, and the police does not like it, all the more so as the State forbids gathering; do young people speak in an Africain language? It is because they want to hide things, or to insult us, or because they despise France (in France, according to what would be a law FN already included by the whole part of the population, French and only French dialect is needed); do young people get worked up against France “? They lack thankfulness, while one «their deal so much» (sic); are young people unemployed? It is because they are lazy, do not want to work (of course, they are not going to see the neighbouring whites, with the pile of the CV and “motivation” letters for which they have never received answer or only negative answers), etc. And now, we arrived at a level there where when a young person as Adama Traoré dies, dozens racists, doped by reactivity and semi-anonymity of social networks, express a joy. These «killers by proxy» became of support of the toughened policemen, who have a «monopoly of lawful violence» against whoever it is. It is in these today’s human pro-sacrifices that policemen of Beaumont-sur-Oise gave a new victim, Adama Traoré. Let us put us in his place. Adama Traoré takes its bike to go to go around in city. He is joyful, as its personal character is it. He sees one of his brothers, Bagui. He goes up to him, to speak to him. But, at the same time, policemen come towards Bagui. Adama, taught to be bored, or even worse, does not want to have the day spoilt. He does not accept this new control, he is fed up with it, and therefore, he pedals. He does not run away, since he has nothing to blame himself. Simply, he leaves, because he does not have count to be returned to these policemen. But here is: for them, they run away. For what do they have to reproach him? An arrest warrant runs doubles it? He is a sought-after individual? He would have made an offence? No. But they are nevertheless going to search him to grab «with him». But why? For what motive? Legally, no. But for them, he is Adama Traoré, brother of Bagui Traoré, of the family Traoré, black family, family in which some children made small offences. They are therefore “done «. He goes to a friend, he thinks to be quiet. But a language signals that he is there. This person who spoke, does she realise, today, what she made? She gave address where a young man went, a young man who had made no offence, but who was nevertheless searched (!) and by giving this address The policemen arrive, make open the door, find Adama hidden behind a chesterfield, and catch him, AS THOUGH Adama Traoré was a criminal. They do not stop mildly. They link their body to fix him to the soil. They crush him, literally. Logically, he feels stifled. Physically, he feels stifled. And he is dying – while these policemen, they, share a smile? «There was him». Who? Al Capone? No. A citizen who had made no offence, no offence, they «had him», and they have him «so much had» that he dies, pressure was exercised over his lungs. One of the policemen (or two? Where three?) has seen t-il it on the television? Two years before, Eric Garner, a giant, black, «in overweight and asthmatic», so died, voluntarily plated on the soil by a policeman. Garner tried unsuccessfully to say him that he did not any more manage to breathe, the said policeman continued crushing him. Against Adama Traoré, they were three. The majority of the citizens in France have an “idea”, one, space, “idea”, of the largeness of “phenomenon / problem”, a typically dehumanised formulation when it is about lives, destroyed. For those and those who do not intend to give their conscience, their taste, in bourgeois, lasting stocks or of mode, they, know this largeness, and these crimes, often reduced by the term of “smudges” provoked activists and activists, as Samir Elyes. In 1997, the young person Abdelkader Bouziane, barely 16 years, was killed by a policeman. There still, reconstitution established that statements of this agent and his colleagues were fallacious, or wrong, and partial. But since often in the same circumstances, the «police privilege for the use of force» allowed the Criminal division of the Appeal Court of Orléans to declare a dismissal in aid of the policemen, because «the appeal in the armed forces (…) must be considered to be a self-defence act.» You should not be surprised that with such a permissive right, for «representatives of order», there are dead, there are victims’ families which are crushed by the Power of the State, by this «right divine» of life or death, and he is certain (and not only a “feeling”) of a systematic injustice there. In these districts where he continues applying the same “colonial” logic, the French State protects at all costs its “agents” – while, at the same time, other agents who work to make respect law “, inspectors and government inspectors, or even inspectors and inspectors of the detective police forces, see each other comparing hindrances from the direction even of their hierarchy, when they investigate and bring to light offences, offences, or even also crimes. In autumn, 2017, date of publication of this new edition, an education is under way. The family of Adama was heard. The policemen are not interviewed under caution. Education is under way. It has already a lot lasted, she could last still and still. The time is used to return procedures or obsolete, or difficult, since, the more the time passes, the more the exercise of memory is difficult, more the time passed to
meditate allows to reduce anger, etc. The important business FOR the State is fast judged, promptly and often strictness. The business which is not it, important, is not it, judged fast. It is another act of this social racism. The irreversible loss of a being loved as Adama Traoré has not importance as the leaders. If he had been called threads of this or that important family, of a French multimillionaire, where would we be today? And if education, goes, up to its term, racism will be t-il envisaged as a decisive and aggravating factor? An inquiry has t-elle led in this direction? It is because the death of Adama Traoré is not perhaps an “accident”, fatal. How to exclude in priori that there is a will to neutralise definitely, in the momentary neutralisation of Adama Traoré? 
At the end 2017, the French State intends to neutralise this family which defends itself, with a bet in detention of the still living brothers, and it with a celerity seldom noticed elsewhere (it is possible to think of the permanent freedom of some, Balkany and they consorts, and the immediate or extremely long imprisonment, for political prisoners, as Georges Ibrahim Abdallah). The social mobilisation on this tragedy, to support Traoré, is strong in the urban working-class districts, and weak-willed person in districts politicised by the middle classes. This one is however specialist of shouting and public tears when it is a question of implicating, the «violations of human rights», elsewhere, in countries and States accused of, by rather apparently rigged public countryside – since these accusations aim at States which are in the collimator of USA, of their CIA THEMSELVES, the Pentagon, and she is extremely silent on the contrary on these “violations” in France. It is in such frame, very difficult, toxic, as Traoré and their support, have to express themselves and act, and they have to know what it is of our admiration for their determination, courage there, clarity.

(chapter extract of this book)

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